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TPG Centre of Excellence Open despite the Snow

Having just completed the first successful year of TPG’s Centre of Excellence it is easy to forget what the last year gave us in, sometimes, spectacular fashion.

The conferencing and training facilities have seen visitors from all walks of life and many different trades and professions. The one thing they all have in common is the universal praise of using a purpose made facility in the heart of Hereford rather than making do with a converted hotel room or village hall type venue. The access to easy on site parking and up to date I.T. equipment (with on site support) has been top of the list of ‘likes’ followed by praise for the varied menus that have been offered at various events.

The weather did, at times, do its best to slow down usage of the centre and having just gone through a long warm summer it’s easy to forget just how vicious last winter really was. The snow was not going to stop us and in fact it prompted installation of an all new central heating system which is one of the cleanest greenest on the market and ensures the environment for delegates is exactly what is required to promote a constructive conference or training event.

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